Privacy issue: "full access" in iOS

It seems that in order to use a keyboard you made yourself on an iOS device, you still need to give Keyman “full access” to whatever it is you type on your keyboard. This problem was intended to be solved ten years ago (see Keyman for iPhone and iPad no longer requires “Allow Full Access” – Keyman Blog), but it does not work (anymore). When I have the keyboard and then turn off “full access”, all of the keys on the keyboard disappear.

For context, I’ve created a keyboard to write Ecuadorian Siona, an indigenous language of north-eastern Ecuador. Being able to type in their own language is very important to the Siona, and it would be great if SIL could play a role in this. Obviously, I would like them to be able to do this without any (possible) privacy infringements.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Yes, unfortunately this technical limitation of WKWebView arose as of iOS 16. Please refer to our issue #8566 for tracking this.

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