Printing Bloom books

Recently a lot of Pasho books were added to the Bloom Library. We started translating the books in our local language.
Some of the translated books we could print without any problems, but some we are unable to print. The printing started with an empty A4 page, the text didn’t go from right to left, order of the pages were all off. No idea why we can print some books correct and some not at all.
We used the same printing setting.
Do you have a solution?

SIL LEAD was responsible for adding those books to the library from one of our projects. Let me and @Fraser_Bennett1 know which books are causing problems and we’ll look into it.

Thanks for reaction. There are actually a whole lot of Pashto books that we are not able to print. I will give you some of the titles, because all the Pashot books with the problem look the same when we click, after editing, on the publish button.

Here are some of the titles:
د لاسونو مينځل
د مور خدمت

We really like the books and hope you can help us with this problem.


Thanks, Esther. This will take some more digging. We’ll look into it.

Hi Esther,

Thanks for your patience as we investigated this. The technical details are messy, but I have just uploaded corrected versions of all the Afghan Children Read books. If you have any further problems, please let me know.


Thank you so much for solving our problem!