Pop-up issue while using Google Docs and Sheets

Hi! I’ve been working on making a desktop build for fv_southern_carrier and have run into an issue while testing. While typing up a document in Google Docs using Safari 17.1.2, every 4 keystrokes (from a letter key) causes an AutoFill error message to appear.
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 2.35.49 AM

The keyboard doesn’t use any modifying keys in combination with a letter key. The default combination that would cause this pop-up is Shift+Command+A. I checked in Safari and my desktop and I haven’t made any additional shortcuts. It doesn’t appear to be any specific sequence, as long as 4 letter keys are pressed.
I tested the keyboard on a few other sites and the error also occurred in Google Slides (Sheets was fine), but otherwise I had no issues typing. I’m pretty stumped - any ideas on what might be happening or how to work around it? Thanks!

Hello @HopsAndHops,

I’m sorry you experienced this issue. You mentioned about the ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ (Southern Carrier) keyboard that you build for desktop layout cause the AutoFill message to appear every 4 keystrokes. And the problem only occur on Google Doc and Slides when you tested it out on Safari.

Have you test the keyboard on other applications on your computer? and have you test other keyboards on Safari? Is the problem only occur with Southern Carrier keyboard only?

Can you tell me your:

  • OS version,
  • Keyman version, and
  • Keyman Developer version?

Please share me the keyboard so I can try to reproduce this issue.

In case you haven’t configure macOS settings yet, please read here.

Thank you!

Hello @HopsAndHops,

I suspect that this was an issue with Keyman 16 for the Mac. If you could download the 17 beta version of Keyman, I think it will be addressed there.


Updating to the beta did the trick, thanks @Shawn @Nyny !