Please review and merge my pull request for the Engram optimized English layout

Hello! I have designed an optimized ergonomic English key layout with open source code, called the “Engram layout”: I was thrilled to discover Keyman Developer while trying to figure out how to deploy it to different operating systems. I made a pull request on the keyboards GitHub repository (Add Arno's Engram layout by binarybottle · Pull Request #1428 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub). Would someone please review and merge the pull request so that I can complete the installation, testing, and publication of this layout?

Thanks for your submission. We’ve had a bit of a backlog with Christmas break. We hope to get to your keyboard soon.

Thank you, Lorna! I’m really looking forward using this key layout!

The keyboard has gone live at - Arno's Engram keyboard.

I just wanted to follow up to thank you all for your support and guidance.

I’ve finalized the optimization of the Engram layout and have submitted a publication for peer review detailing the optimization strategy and layout. Please see the preprint: Engram: A Systematic Approach to Optimize Keyboard Layouts for Touch Typing, With Example for the English Language[v1] | Preprints Official website


Great! That’s encouraging to hear.