Photos showing up on wrong page in PDF

One of my colleagues is doing the final edits on books in Benin, and I think that she has downloaded Bloom Beta rather than the standard version.

She is creating PDFs and noticed that some of the photos have switched around on the PDF. When she looks at Bloom they are on one page, and the PDF shows them on another page. The text remains the same. Any ideas?

Judith speaks French so I have to do all of the troubleshooting, and send her the info via WhatsApp. Any help would be much appreciated, as they are trying to get these to the printer tomorrow.

Here are screenshots of the same page, with the three different images. The one in Bloom is correct, the ones in the 2 separate PDFs are not.

Just as a quick reply, try this: Use the scissors icon to “cut” the image, then browse to the image file and select it again. image

Please use “report a problem” in Bloom’s help menu to report this and allow it to include an actual book that has the problem.

Thank you, Paul. I think that this worked. She replaced all of the photos in the book to be sure and as far as I know the PDF is correct now. Thank you.

By the way, @Marcy_O_Neil, please tell your friend that French and any other major languages are welcome here and in our issue reporting system. If we don’t have a speaker of that language, we just use Google Translate to make sense of it, and to translate our replies back.

Thanks, @JohnHatton, I will. Her internet was really, really slow so we had to do all of our troubleshooting through WhatsApp (she would take a picture of her screen and then WhatsApp it to me, as even getting online was problematic). But I will definitely have her start posting directly to the forums going forward.