Phonology Assistant - Missing part of Search Option box in Distrubtion Chart

In Phonology Assistant 4.1.0 under Search, you can click on the microscope and tool gear button and get it to open up search options. You can scroll to the bottom and click “OK”.

When you try to access the same button on the Distribution Chart section, it only shows part of the box, and “OK” is not within view. There are no scroll bars.

Is there a way to get the full box options to show in Distribution Chart or at least get scroll bars to work?

Thank you!

Some workarounds: If you have a “real mouse” you can use the scroll wheel to scroll down. The keyboard “enter” key can be used instead of the OK button.

However, the displayed window should be wider as many of the options are cut off on the right hand side. Probably once the width is set correctly, then the scroll bar will be seen and maybe the OK button too.

@Greg_Trihus are you still working on PA?

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have created a Jira issue for it. I haven’t looked into the code to see what might be going on here or if there is another work around but this does seem like it shouldn’t work this way.