Phonology Assistant - can't see certain fields from FLEx

Hi all,
I love FLEx. However, I’m trying to print out a list of all the “confirmed” words in my lexicon that include a nasal consonant followed by an oral vowel and another list of all the “confirmed” words in my lexicon that include a nasal consonant followed by a nasalized vowel. I can’t figure out how to get FLEx to give me those sorts, so I’m trying to use Phonology Assistant, which I’m less familiar with. I can get it to give me the lists, but I can’t figure out how to limit the data set to those words that have a status of either “confirmed” or “workshop-approved.” I asked PA to show the field of “status,” which is where the data is found in FLEx, but it shows up blank in PA. I then did bulk edit to a category I don’t use in FLEx yet (anthropology category), so that I could sort in PA for everything that had something in that category, but “anthropology category” also showed up blank in my PA.

Does anyone know how to limit your data set in Phonology Assistant so that it only works with words that are “confirmed” in FLEx?

Thanks so much!

As you said, I wasn’t able to see the status field. There is a Restrictions field on the entry which has writing systems. I was able to change the DB properties to include the Restrictions field and put confirmed in as the value in that field. I put this in the English writing system and I could see this in Phonology Assistant. Then I used the Tools, filtering to create a filter that only showed data with the confirmed value in the Restrictions field. I am sure there are many other ways (probably many better ways?) to do this.

Let me know if you need a more detailed description or screenshots.

Hi Greg. Thanks for your quick response, and I’m glad to hear that there’s a work-around! However, I’m a bit lost (I’m decently tech-y when it comes to simple things, but I haven’t played with PA much). Where do I find the Restrictions field on the entry that has the writing systems? It isn’t here, is it?
You are talking about that in PA, not FLEx, right?

Oh, and I probably should add that I actually want it to sort for 2 things, if possible - either “confirmed” or “workshop-approved.” I don’t know if that complicates things at all.

Upper left: Here you can see I added confirmed to my restrictions field on my entry
Upper right: Here I added the Restrictions field (on my entry) to my PA DB settings.
Lower Right: Here I added the confirmed filter to my PA filters

You could probably use bulk edit in Flex to move the status of “confirmed” or “workshop-approved” to be confirmed in the Restrictions field on the entry.

You can also use a regular expression match to match the two values so all you have to do is copy the status value into a standard or custom field that has writing systems where you can choose one in the project settings database setup.

Thanks, Greg! Like you said, there’s probably a more elegant way of doing it, but it got the job done and was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

BTW Susie, I posted version 4.1 of Phonology Assistant today with the IPA Extended characters