Phoenician Keyboard

Welcome to the community, @mauro.

Are you looking into add this keyboard to the Keyman library where others can search for and install it from within the Keyman App? If not, please explain the intent of this topic. Thanks.

Yes, I am looking into adding this keyboard to the Keyman library. While there are keyboards available for runes and hieroglyphics, the Phoenician alphabet currently lacks representation. Adding a keyboard for the Phoenician alphabet would provide users with a valuable tool for typing in this ancient script. Thank you.

Hi @mauro, Thanks again for reaching out. The topic has been incorrectly flagged as spam. I have restored and forwarded this topic to my colleagues. They will help you with it.

Hello @mauro,

Thank you for preparing the Phoenician keyboard. If the keyboard is ready to be shared with the public, then there should be a few more steps to follow to ensure the right structure for Keyman’s keyboards repository. Follow the instructions here: Guide: Working with the Keyman Cloud Keyboard Repository.

Let us know if there are any questions along the way. We look forward to your response.