Phakti keyboard

Phakti.keyman-touch-layout (51.5 KB)
Phakti.kmn (886 Bytes)
Hi! May you tell me what else do i need?

Hello @Wu_Nokiri,

I went ahead and remake the keyboard package for Touch layout. These are the results:
Default layer

Shift layer

Do you wish to add any update to it? If not, I will test this keyboard on Monday and will make it available for download on Keyman app.

Yes I’d like to add smith. Also may you tell me what do i need for a packacke
This is the new one:
Phalti.kmn (928 Bytes)


@Wu_Nokiri, the keyboard is working now. We don’t have to wait until Monday.
Download keyboard package here: (9.0 KB).

For the keyboard package information, you can leave it as minimal as you wish by filling the information in here:

Feel free to change according to your needs.

If you prefer to add more details, you can check out the information here about Package Tutorial.

Once the keyboard package is ready, you can distribute your keyboard to our keyboard repository and make it available for Keyman app. Read more here.

May I ask the last question? How could I open keyboard on Iphone?

Of course, @Wu_Nokiri!

Once the keyboard is distributed to the keyboard repository, you can access it through an app called Keyman for iOS in the App Store.

But, if you are looking to test the keyboard, there is a feature to test it with mobile simulators with these steps:

Build → Compile keyboard → Test keyboard on web → Open in browser

Representing a tablet but not a physical device.

Yeah, but i tried to open it and long toutches and shift didn’t work(On phone) and on tablet it didn’t even open. Canyou help me make it work on physical devices?

Sure! Are there any changes you would like to add to this latest keyboard package here, @Wu_Nokiri?

If not, I will go ahead and submit this to cloud (keyboard repo), wait for approval, then it will be downloadable on Keyman for iOS.

Hi @Wu_Nokiri,

One more thing that I didn’t clarify was the BCP 47 language tags. We’ll need this tags for the keyboard to be installable. Please refer to this link for the BCP 47.

You could find it in the Keyman Developer and it would be something like this:
If this is incorrect, please give us the correct information for the keyboard.

Thank you!