Pause ePUB creation in Publish tab?

When one selects ePUB on the Publish tab, Bloom immediately starts to generate the ePUB. But if one wants to select one or both of the options at the top right (Include image descriptions on page, or Use ePUB reader’s text size), one must wait until the ePUB generation process completes before they can select one of those options. If one wants to select another one of those options, they must again wait until the ePUB generation process runs again.

It would be nice if one could first select one or more of these options and THEN start the ePUB generation process. Or, alternatively, have a button that allows the user to stop the ePUB generation process so that options can be selected.

It really is a pain point! Each choice you make - image description, epub reader size and metadata information are all necessary to complete to meet the best practice access standards for epub.