Page position memory when going back in Bloom library

When you go back after viewing a book on Bloomlibrary, the website takes you back to the top of the page that you were exploring.
I would be very helpful if Bloomlibrary could remember what your position was on the previous page and direct you there instead. Some pages are very long with multiple languages listed underneath each other.
Most people would be interested in that one language or that one topic. So it would be very convenient to being taken back to point where you left off.

Thanks for considering,


I noticed this issue recently in Bloom Library, so if there’s a way to return to the section that was being viewed, that would be helpful.

For example, I was looking at the Thai language books (Bloom Library: Home) which has 300+ books. If I click on one of the books in the bottom section, then click the back-arrow, I will return to the top of the page and need to scroll through lots of books to find the section I was in.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve create a bug report for it here.