Only display Title in L3 when L3 is chosen as one of the display languages for a book

Could we have the title not be displayed in L3 on the title page, or, even better, only displayed when L3 is chosen as one of the display languages for a book? Currently, if we have an L3 defined for a collection, the Title Page always includes the title in L3 in any book published from that collection, even if the book is set to only display text in the local language. The only way to prevent the L3 title from appearing on the title page is to remove the L3 from the collection’s languages.

In local collections, this is tedious because, while we want to have 3 languages active in the collection for developing content in the 1. local language, 2. Spanish, and 3. English, we have to remove the 3rd language (English) from the collection when we publish something, and then activate it again when we go back to editing books.

In a team collection, things are even trickier, since only the administrator can change the collection’s language settings and has to coordinate with other users working in the collection before turning English off or on again.

Bruce thanks for the feature request. I don’t think we should tie any title display to what is inside the book. It’s easy to imagine situations where people want to show, for example, and L2 title but not want to put L2 on the interior pages.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’d appreciate your feedback.

Yes, that makes sense, especially thinking about L2. I was only thinking of how to control the L3 title display. What you’re showing above would be a great way of addressing the Title language choice, and much more.

There are a lot of things I like about this:

  • The settings are at the book level, so don’t require admin access to the collection settings
  • There is an option to use the default collection settings
  • Different books of the same collection can use different xmatter settings


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I like this too. I like the choice to not display L2 (and L3 if so desired) at book level.

Use case: collection with 2 languages; book with just 1 language; book for publishing to android bloompub in landscape. With an extra text box for L2 title above the picture, the picture comes out really small - doesn’t look good.


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I would also like the option for just one title box in order to maximize the space the cover picture can have. Thanks so much!

Good to see you are working on this. I haven’t been having the L3 title showing up on the cover, but the L2 title has been showing on the cover. I can set L1 and L2 to the local language for the print books, as I am doing them with just one languge and don’t need to switch between them. But for the device books, as well as the local language, I am including English (L2) and Tok Pisin (L3) as options when you click on the ‘world’ icon. But I’d like it to only have the local language title when we are viewing it in the local language.

The screenshot option above look good.

It would also be good when a reader changes the language to Tok Pisin or English, if it could NOT have the name of the local language on the Title page, and instead have English or Tok Pisin.