OneDrive the cause of problems? or something else

I am talking to a friend on a remote island who’s trying to use a BLOOM pack. He’s a pretty tech-savvy guy.
He writes,

"I sat down with Bloom and a couple of translators today to do some of the stories in the Bislama package you gave me. We knocked out three stories today but I had a lot of trouble with the program. It is freezing up for a few seconds every time it saves or accesses the hard drive. So, you know, every single time I click in a box to type, or go to change pages. I suspect that it is storing files in a OneDrive folder and OneDrive makes it wait while it accesses the internet. I would just tell Bloom to move its files somewhere else, but a can’t find any way to tell Bloom to do that. I don’t suppose you know of a way to access normal file menu type commands in Bloom? The help files do not have anything to say about file management. "

Can you help?

The easiest way to find where Bloom is actually storing things is to right-click on a book in the collection tab and use the ‘Open Folder on Disk’ command.
If it turns out that the collection is inside a OneDrive folder, he can copy or move it somewhere else using normal Windows Explorer techniques.
Then he will have to help Bloom find it again. In the Collection tab there is a button “Other Collection” and in that dialog one “Browse for another collection on this computer” which will allow him to go and find where he put the collection.
We would be interested to know whether your hypothesis is confirmed about the books being stored in a OneDrive folder. Bloom normally stores book collections in the Bloom directory in your Documents folder.

THANK you. Our friend writes:

I figured out that OneDrive was set to back things up in the user Documents folder. I turned off that feature and everything magically sped up.

It’s wonderful that things are faster, but backups are important too…I hope he has found another way to make sure they happen! Maybe OneDrive could be configured to give a lower priority to backup but still do it?