On Windows 10 Home-Tigrynia (Eritrea) keyboard with KEYMAN 12 not working in gmail properly

I have downloaded, uninstalled, and reinstalled Keyman 12 on my desktop in attempts to have the software work. Keyman 12 works for me to switch from English (US) keyboard to Tigrynia (Eritrea) in a word document, but will not work for me to compose a message in my gmail. I previously used Keyman 9 and it worked just fine for me to go from keyboard to keyboard in all applications. In addition, I went to the Microsoft store to get the Tigrynia language pack to see if this would help. Is there a pack that I need to download from somewhere else? Or is this a bug in the new software?


Hi Asfaha, welcome to the community!

Can you give me some more detail on what is happening when you say it “will not work”? Do you get Tigrynia letters, English letters, square boxes or something else happening? Which browser are you using with GMail?

Im using google chrome as my browser. When I attempt to go from ENG to Tigrynia the text will not change in the email. I also tried this in the internet explorer browser and same thing.

I also attempted to change the preferred input method in the language settings of my computer to Tigrynia, but then what happens is it wont switch back to ENG until I restart the computer. Then when using the English keyboard the cycle starts again of not being able to change keyboards to Tigrynia.

OK, I’m still not entirely sure what is going wrong – perhaps you could send us a diagnostic report following the steps at https://help.keyman.com/kb/40?