Old North Arabia character

Why old North Arabia character are boxes appearing in map characters it’s already under Unicode U+10A80??

Hi @ralfareh. Are you talking about a specific keyboard, or are you referring to the character map within Keyman Developer?

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character map within Keyman Developer?

character map within Keyman Developer?

Character map within Keyman Developer.

This is from a slightly older version of 17.0 alpha (17.0.185). I see the issue too.

I’m not the expert on this, but I think there’s a chance that it’s a font issue.

Edits: I had an old filter active the first time I took the screenshot. I’m surprised that was persisted!


I use last issue 16 as you see there is some thing wrong with 10A80 ( old North Arabia) i hope it’s fix soon.

I think that Keyman isn’t aware of a font that supports that range.

You can right click on the Old North Arabian block and select Font…. Then select the font you wish to use. I selected Catrinity and then it shows up:



Sorry i didn’t find this font you choose (Catrinity) its not available with list of fonts?

You can download it here: https://catrinity-font.de/downloads/Catrinity.otf


Thanks :pray: it’s working well