Notes field not populated in DAB

For my DAB project, I’m using a LIFT file (exported from FLEX) as the data source. However, the “Note” field (at the lexeme/entry level) is not appearing in the app, nor is it appearing in the custom field list.

The following is an entry copied from the .LIFT file, and I can see the desired field exists, it’s just not appearing to DAB (nor in my app). Is there a reason this field isn’t appearing?

<entry dateCreated="2023-12-23T06:36:32Z" dateModified="2023-12-23T06:36:32Z" id="аяк3_31956eb9-0638-43c6-98ac-e1c142384dfe" guid="31956eb9-0638-43c6-98ac-e1c142384dfe" order="3">
<form lang="ky"><text>аяк</text></form>
<trait  name="morph-type" value="stem"/>
<form lang="en"><text>"пиала" is more used.</text></form>
<field type="import-residue">
<form lang="en"><text>\id 1093</text></form>
<sense id="6877d8ee-fbb7-4af2-a038-593980185ff1" order="0">
<grammatical-info value="n.">
<gloss lang="en"><text>tea cup</text></gloss>
<form lang="ky"><text>Анара чоӊ аякта тамак ичкенди жакшы көрөт.</text></form>
<translation type="Free translation">
<form lang="en"><text>Anara likes to eat from the big bowl.</text></form>
<sense id="9a39cf55-59dc-49cd-96c3-741a1ea07f4d" order="1">
<gloss lang="en"><text>drinking bowl</text></gloss>

(Note, in the screenshot below the “languagenotes” field is a different field that is part of the etymology. The particular example entry above doesn’t have that field populated, but it exists in different entries.)

Hi there.

As a workaround, I tried changing <note> to <field type="note">
It looked like this in the app:

a simple find replace in the lift file:

<note> to <field type="note">
</note> to </field>

might be all it needs


Hey Daniel,
Thanks, that worked!

This LIFT file was an export from an older version of Fieldworks ( build 2022/04/19). I’m assuming newer versions correctly export this lexeme-level notes field with the correct XML “field” label rather than just “note”? I’d update my Fieldworks, but I’m on Linux and this is the most recently built version…

I’ll just do find/replace the next time we do a dictionary build.

I’m glad it worked for you!

Well, the LIFT Standard allows <note> as a part of an <entry>, so we are working around DAB’s implementation of the LIFT Standard…