Not all field values are sync'd between LF & FLEX

When I sync LF with FLEX (after making changes in FLEX) some field values (not the entire Entry) are blanks. I have two examples attached to show state (same entry) in both LF & FLEX one with blanks in some of the fields, the other one is OK (uploaded image with “-2” in file name).
Question is why is this happening? Any help would be great.

I also noticed that when I add a new entry in LF. then use FLEX to sync, the ‘Word’ field entry is blank in FLEX. I don’t recall this problem existed before.

Dear Sargon,

Thank you for this bug report. I’m sorry that you have run into this issue with syncing FLEx and Language Forge. We do have a simple Language Forge Known Limitations document which indicates which fields we do not support in a sync at this time. However, from your report it looks like there may be a bug in our LF sync that would require a closer look.

One possibility is that the underlying writing systems data is not matching up between LF and FLEx. This could result in what you are seeing. In this case, this would be a bug in our sync process that needs fixing.

I will get in touch with you directly about your bug report so that we can work toward a resolution.

May God bless you,

Chris Hirt