Non-destructive image scaling /cropping

Recently, I had a fun experience with Bloom;

Instead of the standard way of scaling images, Bloom was using a different method of scaling/cropping the image.
You can see the behavior in the attached video.

I think it would be very useful for Bloom users to allow for this way of scaling/ cropping, especially because it’s non-destructive.

Non-destructive cropping

Moments after we delivered that, you’d ask for the ability to pan the image around, and then to zoom. Come on, be honest now :wink:

I did look at how CSS is enabling this type of scaling and that’s also when I saw that panning images is possible.
But I do understand that coding and creating UI to enable that type of behavior will mean some serious investment of time, so that’s why I didn’t go there.

But since you brought it up, I think you can coin that feature request :+1: