No way to show copyright info in DAB from LIFT file

Hey All,
I’ve been updating my image copyright info now that we have that feature (really nice!). Our dictionary app is done via an exported LIFT and not xhtml. I don’t see any way to include copyright info in my dictionary app. With a LIFT file, usually you’re at the mercy of visible fields in the right side FLEx pane. Since there is no actual field for copyright info, that’s why I assume it’s not there.

I’m presuming that if I switched to a configured dictionary from XHTML I could probably manage to get the copyright info in there. But I’d really prefer not to switch over to XHTML. Any ideas on whether or not it’s possible to include copyright info from a LIFT file so it will show up in my dictionary app?

Also, is it just me (maybe I’m totally missing something) or is it strange that the copyright info shows up on the same line as the image headword. With multiple senses and pictures, the headword kind of gets lost in the wordiness of the copyright. I’d like to see the ability to put the copyright info on another line, but that’s a topic for the FLEx folks I think.