No Access to Play Store for Keyman APP

No Access to Play Store for Keyman APP

Would appreciate some feedback on current ways to download the Keyman app on android for those of us who don’t have access to Google play store.

System: Android Phones and Device
Aim: Download Keyman App with view to loading IPA SIL keyboard file

Hi @Luest, welcome to the community!

You can download latest stable Keyman for Android APK from

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As new versions are released, this page is kept automatically up-to-date:

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After reading your feedback, I’m convicted to commend your speed of thought and responsive agility. Your operation here is truly a work of art. After years of visiting many forums, I have never experienced such a prompt response. I normally expect to wait like a couple of weeks, at best. Don’t get me started on the novel foresight of working to keep files up-to-date without being prompted, or else I’ll be here all day. Much appreciated thank, you very much.


Thank you for your kind feedback, @Luest. We’re glad that you are able to install Keyman now.

If you may have any further question about Keyman, you can always create a new topic and we are happy to assist you.

Yours sincerely,
Technical Support team.

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