Narrowing search in Bloom

I’m watching the old “Downloading Shell books from the Bloom Library” video (so that I can teach it on a course here in Nigeria next week) and seeing that there used to be various ways of narrowing your search via a black bar on the left.
Now, as much as I look, I cannot find any method for searching for two terms, like “English” and Agriculture.
How do I narrow my search for a certain category of shell book in the current version of Bloom, please?
Thanks, Kathy

Hi Kathy,

In the current layout of the Bloom Library, if you choose the Topic first, the books will be listed by language.

Scroll down to the English section, or French…or whatever language you need.

If you search by language first, they will just display by Level.


Thanks, Liz! Simple! (but couldn’t find on my own without your help!