My keyboard disappeared and cant be reinstalled,

My keyboard suddenly inexplicably disappeared and can’t be reinstalled. Even when I download the .exe file and try to reinstall it, all I get is a screen that says “nothing to install”. Please Help!!!

Hi @halaywi, @makara will be responding to your request for assistance via private message :slight_smile:

The problem I was having before now keeps recurring again and again and now I cannot reinstall keyman at all, not 15 and not with the 10 installer. Please help!

Sorry to bother you again. I worked hard and fixed it this time.

Could you describe what was happening and what you did to get it to work? This would be helpful for us and other users later. Thanks.

Here is the problem I’ve had (it recurred again this very day) and here is how I solved it:
I have a Keyman Desktop and a custom made keyboard that I developed myself with the Developer. It is phonetic Hebrew. The Hebrew keyboard downloadable from the site is not phonetic, so that is why I developed my own.
For several months already, every few days the Desktop requires updating to a new version that differs only by a fraction of a decimal. Yesterday it was 15.0.269, and today it required updating to 15.0.270.
The problem is: Every time it requires updating the Desktop and keyboard disappear completely. Last time I wasn’t even able to update it. It refused to install. Finally, I completely uninstalled both the Desktop and keyboard and the exe file, restarted the computer, and installed the new version and then the keyboard, and restarted the computer and then it finally worked.
Why do these new versions come every few days? They don’t seem to be any different from, or any better than, the previous version. They only create the inconvenience of having to install them.

That sounds like a bug because the existing keyboards should not be removed up on Keyman update. I’ve just tried to reproduce the behavior by updating Keyman from 15.0.269 to 15.0.270, but none of my existing keyboards is removed/disappeared. They are all shown and usable just like before the update was done.

Can you share the your keyboard (better yet the keyboard project folder) so that I can take a closer look and see if this issue can be fixed? Thanks.

We try to avoid pushing minor updates out unless they are needed – and when we do so, we try to bundle the patches to reduce this pain. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, we have had a number of issues we have resolved that have been identified separately (you can see the entire change log here:

I agree that this is not ideal and we want to improve the experience. We are working on a more ‘silent’ update process that would happen when you start Windows (due to the way Windows works, it is difficult to update Keyman without requiring a restart, but we can usually avoid the restart requirement if we do it before Keyman is ever started on a system – such as on boot). But it will be a bit of work for us to get this functionality done (we wish we could focus 100% on keyboard functionality, but things like updates are so important too!)

You can switch off automatic updates if you wish to, in Keyman Configuration.

Here is my keyboard file as you requested

Phonetic Hebrew ASDF.kmp (383 KB)

I still cannot reproduce the behavior of the keyboard mysteriously disappears after updating Keyman 15.0.269 to 15.0.270.

One thing that look off for me is that the keyboard was created for Hebrew, but the language associated with it is seen to be en-US. @Marc Would this be a contributing factor? @halaywi Can we try and have a Zoom call of no more than 30 minutes to sort this out? And/or at least to see how it happens on your machine.

No this is unlikely to contribute to the issue.

I was aware that the Hebrew board was listed as English because it is listed onthe taskbar under “English United States”. I don’t know how that happened.Yes, we can have a Zoom session if you wish.

The language tag with BCP47 should be chosen for the keyboard, i.e.

In Keyman Developer, you can choose the language tag at project creation stag. Otherwise, you’ve gotta try and update it manually in *.keyboard_info and .kps.

Yes, we can have a Zoom session if you wish.

I’m available today afternoon (1PM-4PM, GMT/UTC+7) and tomorrow afternoon (2:15PM-4PM, GMT/UTC+7). Please pick the time that work for you.

I just opened your email. It’s too late for today but tomorrow is ok.Please let me know what time to expect you.