My character maps is in rectangle shape not letters?

I’m trying to create a keyboard for mobile devices for my tribe’s language but in the character mapping all of see is just a rectangle, what do I do and is it possible to add new fonts to it?

Hi Yer,

If you are trying to make a keyboard, you will want to check out Keyman. Keyman is a platform for creating and distributing new keyboards for computers and mobile devices. Here is the community forum for Keyman:

If you are seeing rectangles, usually that means that your device doesn’t know how to display the Unicode characters that you are using, so yes, if I’m not mistaken installing a compatible font would be the solution.

I encourage you to repost your question on the other forum. Be sure to include at least some of the characters that aren’t displaying right. If you can, also mention what language(s) you are trying to write in.