Multiple Users of a Saymore Project


Has anyone tried using Dropbox or another cloud type service to share the Saymore directory with another editor? I imagine we would have to be careful to edit it one-at-a-time to avoid saving over another’s edits, but can it be done?


I did at one time. But dropbox and Saymore were different then.


Did it work then? Any tips?


It did. have a way of “checking out” the project and checking it back in.
We had a process (manual and flawed) where one moved the project folder off
of dropbox and put a text file in the dropbox/saymore projects folder that
gave the user’s name and date/time of checking it out and then back in.
the problem came that people forgot to move it back or to change the time
or to move it out in the first place.


Thanks! We have a google doc that we use to check in/out the FLEx project, so I bet we can use that to check in/out the SayMore project as well.


Why would do that with a FLEx project instead of using send and recieve?


we do use send and recieve :slight_smile:


I meant with the send and receive function. Why use the google doc and the send-receive function. It seems like extra work, than say a regular send and receive schedule.