Multiple correct answers for comprehension quiz

Within the Comprehension quizzes (in Bloom Enterprise), it is possible to indicate that there are multiple correct answers:


Bloom Reader accepts either of these as correct, but not both of them at the same time.

Within Bloom Reader, once a person chooses one of the correct answers (e.g. answer1), the other answers are greyed out and can’t be chosen.

Is it possible to allow the Bloom Reader user to select multiple answers? (They can select multiple answers if the first one is incorrect, but not once one of the correct options is chosen).

(This was requested by a team in South Asia, but others may find it useful also).

What happens if you only choose one correct answer?
When would the “success sound” ring?
How would the reader be told there are multiple correct answers?

In a primer lesson, it would be good if the reader could select all the words that contain the taught letter, or the syllables needed to make a word (though this feature would be useful together with a sound to quizzes feature, so beginning readers will understand there are multiple answers).
Success sound to ring with every correct selection.

I think this isn’t a “Comprehension Quiz” anymore, then. In the future, we hope to plugins/extension which enable these and other kinds of interactive activities.