Multiple character in web layout


How to output more than one unicode character in web layout.

“id”: “U_0254” compiles OK

but “id”: “U_0254 U_0253” Fails
“id”: “U_0254U_0253” fails
“id”: “U_0254_0253” fails
“id”: “U_02540253” fails

so I am using vertical key, this complies OK

“id”: “T_ALP”

in kmn
’ + [T_ALP] > U+0254 U+0253

but there is no output.

The virtual key model you are using with T_ALP is correct. I’m not sure why it is not working for you. Could you share your whole keyboard file (you can send it via direct message to me or attach it to your post if you wish).

Try using
“id” : “T_0254_0253”

and have a rule for T_0254_0253 to output your two characters

When you use an id of U_0254, KMW knows to output the Unicode character U+0254.
The K_ and U_ prefixes for key ID’s are “reserved”