Modify the Help page and doc of the Laz keyboard

Happy Boxing Day!

Thank you so much for your help with setting up the keyboard! I also read the tips for the lexical model and I am currently working on that, but that may take a bit longer.

In the meantime, we received a lovely help page for our keyboard:

Unfortunately, the keyboard layout in this picture is based off the US keyboard (smaller enter key, key above the enter). Do you have a template I could use to change these layouts, so when people download the keyboard they can see the correct layout? I would also like to add a ‘caron’ symbol to the key that’s currently blank (the one between m and ç). How do I access this help file (not the one on the website)? I would like to provide a Turkish manual on top of the English one.

Thank you!

Hi @Okani, we’re glad we can help you build the keyboard.

To contribute to the help page, you can commit a PR to this help.keyman repository or keyboards repository to make changes to keyboards.

If you have more questions, please ask.


The source files for the Laz keyboard are located at:

The online help file laz.php contains:

<div id='osk' data-states='default shift alt shift-alt'>

which generates the keyboard images you note. I’m not sure if there is any way to alter the shape of the Return key. (@Marc ?)

Alternatively, you can include images in the “help” folder and reference them from the .php file (in the same way that images in the “welcome” folder are referenced by the welcome.htm file). Keyman Developer can generate keyboard images, but I don’t think that there’s any way to change the shape of the Return key.

Note, however, that these two files (the .php file for the online help and the welcome.htm file for the help that is packaged with the keyboard and available locally) only describe the function of the keyboard. If you want to change what is produced by the blank key that you reference, that will require a change to the keyboard source (.kmn) file, as well as to the help documentation.

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Not at this point. We are working on more flexible designs in the future.

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Yes, it’s just the pictures of the layout I’d like to change. Do you happen to have a blank template with the correct configuration? I don’t mind using Canva/PowerPoint to add the letters/symbols to the keys myself. It’s a bit tedious but I think it’s necessary!

Happy New Year!


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I don’t have a suitable template here, sorry.

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So I just created a new project and pasted one the default code of my keyboard to access the visual keyboard. Adding one dead-key makes it non-accessible, so for now I only took a screenshot of the default keyboard and the ö/ü letters on the ALT layer.


That’s probably sufficient for now :slight_smile: thanks again!

Hello @Okani,

Thank you for the layout of the Laz Keyboard. Have you made any further progress so far?
In order to update the images on the help page, the keyboard must be modify as well with the changes.

Please let us know if you need any help through the steps.

Hi Mengheng,

As far as I am aware, the coding of the keyboard was already correct, it’s really just the picture I had do update!

Best wishes,


Hello @Okani,

That’s great to hear. Please notify us with a reply when the picture is updated on the Keyboard Repo.

Best regards,
Technical Support team.

Hi Mengheng,

I really tried my best and submitted a pull request, but I’m not sure if it was successful.
This is not just for the keyboard picture by the way, I also need to replace this line:


If I did it correctly, I’m happy to re-upload the readme file along with the picture.

Hello @Okani,

Thank you for getting back to us. If there is any issue, from editing the keyboard to getting it to Keyman’s repository, feel free to create a new topic; we will be there to support you.

This topic will remain open for now. We look forward to the implementation.