Mobile keyboard editor

  1. is there a way I can edit keyboards on mobile? the keyboards run small because of the number on the top row so its difficult to type.
  2. is there an Amharic keyboard that has all the alphabet written in Amharic, but the c+v characters are hidden until I type out a C+V? for ex if I write ቅ+አ=ቃ. there’s already a keyboard like this BUT the letters are in English and it translates to Amharic but I just want one where the English is replaced with Amharic without changing the layout of the keyboard. hopes this makes sense!

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking for, but this page has a list of available keyboards for Ethiopic:

This keyboard has a phone and a tablet layout so if you are on a phone it does not include the numbers on the top row, it has a separate layer for that.