Merging two files

I am working on a Malayalam dictionary, but have two files (one in a laptop and the other in desktop), how do I merge the two files. I am using CAWL wordlist to provide equivalences in Malayalam.
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Merging two LIFT files and removing duplicates is a somewhat manual process. I would probably recommend importing the two files into FLEx and resolving conflicts there. FLEx has the most power for facilitating this process.

How do you resolve conflicts in FLEx?

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I don’t a good answer to this question. I’m sure if you asked it on the FLEx list you would get more traction. It depends upon the duplication information you are trying to resolve… I would probably use a combination of sorts/filters and bulk edits in a manual process to resolve conflicts / duplicates. One might also export the data to analyze it outside of flex to identify duplicates faster before making modifications in Flex. Just some ideas. Others are bound to have more advice on the FLEx list.



Thanks. I’ve applied to be added to the list.

For what it’s worth, Lift Tools does have a “homograph merger”:

This tool walks through a single LIFT dictionary file, looking for entries which look like homographs. When it finds them, it looks to see if they can be merged. If they can, it then looks at the individual senses, and sees if they should be merged, too.