Mac m2 computers not working with keyman

Mac M2 Keyman does not work with ELAN transcription nor Audacity label text.

Welcome to the community @Peter_Wilson,

This is a bug in Java which ELAN is build on. Our developer had fixed this issue and we’re waiting for the fixed to land in Java.

You can take a look at this PR for more details on the issue: bug(mac): Java does not appear to be 100% compatible with InputMethodKit #3935.

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Hi Nguonnyn,

Great to hear from you. Also, perhaps you haven’t seen, but the problem also occurs when trying to enter labels into Audacity (which is programmed in C++.) Your thoughts?



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@Peter_Wilson yes, we are aware ofthe Audacity labels issue.

This is a known problem in Audacity, which we are tracking in the Keyman issue database at – which links to the Audacity issue and follow-up discussion there. The issue impacts Audacity on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Workarounds (from Audacity bug report) are:

1: Enable the “use dialog for name of a new label” option, in the track behaviors category of Preferences.

OR 2: Type the desired label into TextEdit then copy and paste into the label.

I know both of those workarounds are awkward though!

Note, also tracking in Audacity at Can't enter hash sign (#) into a track label on macOS Ventura using Swiss German Keyboard layout. · Issue #5163 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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