Looking for an already existing keyboard with cedilla and/or acute mark on all 5 vowels

I imagine there is already a keyboard out there (not sure how to search through the hundreds of keyboards available) that has special characters that include the cedilla on every (English) vowel letter, and the acute mark on every vowel letter, AND both acute mark and cedilla on every vowel letter. AND it needs to have the same two features (one or the other or both) for all the CAPITAL vowel letters as well.
Even if you have a hint for me for going about looking for that same keyboard, among all the hundreds available, I’d appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!
Ray Stegeman

All vowels and all vowels with acute mark: a e i o u ó é and etc.

Upper case, too: A E I O U Ó É and etc.
Nasal Vowels: (with cedilla) ą Ą ę Ę į Į ǫ Ǫ ų Ų
Both marks together are also needed: é plus ̨ = ę́
É plus ̨ = Ę́
ó plus ̨ = ǫ́
Ó plus ̨ = Ǫ́
and etc.

Off the top of my head, SIL IPA keyboard is probably the one that suite your need. You can find it here: https://keyman.com/keyboards/sil_ipa

Here is how to use it: https://help.keyman.com/keyboard/sil_ipa/1.7/sil_ipa.php

Hi Ray. Welcome to this community site. IPA will give you the lowercase, but I don’t think the IPA keyboard will give you the uppercase combinations you are looking for since IPA is primarily lowercase. Can you tell me what language you are wanting this for? I might be able to think of a keyboard based on a little extra info. I’m aware of North American languages using ogonek on the vowels, but you are specifically looking for cedilla on the vowels?

Hi, Lorna. Thanks for responding.
I’m trying to help Carol Anderson with her Folopa dictionary (ppo, Gulf Province, PNG)
Actually, I just yesterday figured out it’s not the cedilla they use, but something very similar, that drops down from the center of the vowel letter, not from the right-hand side. I could try sending you the document she sent me, if you give me your email address.
ray_stegeman at sil dot org