Linux version

Could there be a Linux version of SayMore, please?

A volunteer is looking into understanding if that is possible. LS Dev does not currently have resources to do this work on SayMore.

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That would be perfect indeed.

It must not necessarily run natively on Linux, but in Wine or something similar - would that be easier to do?

An update on this: nothing came of the volunteer effort.

However, a small group comprised of universities and archives are pursuing a complete re-write of SayMore. It is still an offline app, but it uses web-technologies (electron) so that it is cross-platform.The goal is a mac version, but Linux will not require much more effort once we have that.

This version of SayMore (if that’s what it ends up being called) will not have the transcription and “careful speech” features, at least initially. The priorities are metadata, file management, and archiving. For this reason, the working code name for this project is “SayLess” :wink:

Another priority of this project is to end up with something that gets code contributions from multiple sources; it is hoped that by using standard web tech instead of .net, it will be easier to have improvement projects done by various groups. It is further hoped that SIL will provide the UI/UX guidance for new features, while other groups do the coding.

Coding has started but is a very part-time effort, so I wouldn’t expect to see test versions until late June.

This is good news, John. Thank you and the team!

Is there any updated news on this work?


I’m also interested in this, but now it’s been 5 years. Did the project die?