Linux Keyman keyboard

there are no errors after installation.

I installed a Kannada keyboard. It is listed in the available keyboards.
“show keyboard layout” shows default layout, not Kannada layout

I tried system default keyboard for Kannada. Even it is typing latin text.

There is something in the setting!

Hi. ‘Show keyboard layout’ only shows the system keyboard layout. It is nothing to do with Keyman. On Ubuntu/Wasta you can install ‘onboard’ from the ppa and you can use it to see the layout and use it as an on-screen keyboard.

How are you selecting the keyboard? Have a look at Keyman 11 Beta Feedback for instructions to install the keyman keyboard into Ubuntu GNOME.

Hello Dan,

I have followed the instructions as shown in the feedback site.

I can select the keyboard layout from the top status bar.

Now, I am able to type in Kannada keyboard preinstalled in the Ubuntu.

But the keyman keyboard doesn’t type in Kannada.

Reading the Show Keyboar Layout: Is there a way to show the keyman kvk in Linux, similar to Windows and mac?

Hi Mayura,
Which Keyman Kannada keyboard is this?
When you added the input source in the instructions did you select ‘Kannada’ or Kannada with the name of the keyman keyboard in brackets after it?

Re: show keyboard - you run onboard. It will display the on-screen keyboard.

If it is the ISIS Kannada Keyman keyboard:
This keyboard does not say which language it supports so it is language Other.
So when you look for it when you add an input source it will be called ‘Other (Kannada)’


This is shown under others
I also have another Kannada keyboard, it is shown under Kannada

ran onboard. It is says Keyman: none

Yes, keyboard is enable. it doesn’t any Kannada letters though.

@mayura install some additional packages by running following command in ubuntu linux terminal. Then reboot your computer.

sudo apt install ibus ibus-m17n ibus-gtk3 m17n-contrib ibus-gtk

Done that same difference

Keyman keyboard is not functioning in linux. Also keyman version is 11.0.103 on machine. It is not updating, even after I force to update.

Github shows current version is 11.0.107.

How to update?

How to get the keyboard function in linux?

Please assist.

Hi @mayura
Our development team is transitioning to some new responsibilities, so it may take us a little time to figure out what’s going on.

In the meantime, you can get 11.0.107 from here

how to install the downloaded version?

There are 6 files. Should I install all of them


Hi Mayura,
You don’t need to install these files manually. The packages are what you need. You do have the latest version that is ready. The later versions don’t have any changes that change what you run.
Please run ibus-setup from the command line, change to the Input method tab and post a screen shot

Also please run dpkg -l|grep keyman and post the output

Also please run ibus list-engine and post the output