Linking across Book Collections


I am really new to SAB/RAB. I want to know how to create a link to a book in another book collection of the same project, so that when users click on that link, it opens the linked document

I have tried markdown tags, including the book collection but its not working, unless I move the documents to the same collection

Thank you

I’m quoting Ian here: “Using the Markdown format go to Book Id B001 chapter 2”

However, when I paste the code into the forum, it disappears…ugh! Here’s a screenshot:

The part between the square brackets can say whatever you want, and it will be highlighted as a link. When the user taps it, it takes you to the page you have designated in the rounded brackets.

Thanks Marty, but this is what I have already done. It works works when the documents are in the same collection, but it’s not working accross different collections

Ok. Sorry that I don’t know the answer to cross-collection links. Another possible solution is to include the book you are referring to in the collection within that app, since you already have the document created. You might even edit the document down to just the page you are referencing. It’s not ideal, but if you need a workaround until a solution is offered, this is one way to do it.

I am going to list is as a bug to be fixed. Though it may not get fixed in the next release.

Hie. Do we now have a way of linking across different book collections. I am trying to link to a scripture book collection from a non-scripture collection in the same project.

Is there a way out.

The popup works with the text from the cross collection reference but the jump link (top right of the popup window) to jump to that collection and book does not work.

\p [Jump to WEBnt with ID C02 and ref MRK 2:1](/C08/MAT.2.1)

Thanks for the quick response @Ian_McQuay

I am getting confused. RAB does not have Collections. SAB does have collections.

All books are in the one collection in RAB. So you don’t need a collections ID, You only need to Book ID, and chapter or page in your hyperlinks.

In RAB yes there aren’t any collections, my case involves SAB. But I have also noted that if your non scripture book is in say CO1 and you scripture books are in C02 it works as you have pointed before. But if it’s refrencing C01 from CO2 then it doesn’t work. Maybe I haven’t configured my project correctly.

Can you send me a personal message with some sample data. That is a reference form C01 to C02 and also a reference from C02 to C01.

Hie @Ian_McQuay

After compiling my app (with S.A.B 6) all the cross collection links now work perfectly, even if at design time they may seem not to work.
Thank you very much for the handy advice.

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