Lexical model doesn't show in the app


I’m trying to build the Android App with KAB for my keyboard with a lexical model but for some reason the app doesn’t seem to show the lexical model.

I try to install the same files (the .kmp for the keyboard and the .model.kmp for the model) but with the Keyman app for Android and it work.

I’m using the same language code for the files, and I tried with the KAB version for Windows and for Mac. I don’t know what it could be… :pensive:

This is the image for the Keyman App

Could you upload your project to a file sharing service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and share it with me (chris underscore hubbard at sil dot org) and I can take a look. Thanks.

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I am also not getting suggested words even though I built my app with the lexical model.

On my side, I’m getting the suggested words but only if I have only one keyboard in the app. If I add another keyboard, the Lexical models no longer show in the app.

This sounds the same as this topic that was resolved: Keyboard App Builder and Lexical Model

Turns out the issue was a mismatch in the language codes between the keyboard and the lexical model. Keyman handles it fine, but this is a case of macro-language mapping to sub-language that KAB doesn’t do automatically like Keyman. When I made the language codes match, voila!

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Good to hear this Ron! BCP 47 tag matching is lots of fun … well, not really, I wish this was easier :slight_smile: