Keyboard App Builder and Lexical Model

Hello I need some help with the software.
I had built a keyboard android app using the Keyboard App Builder version 2.6.6 which supports Android platform level 29. This keyboard worked great with the lexical model and it was in the Play store for a while. Recently I updated the app and google required me to make Android API level 30. For this reason I had to update the Keyman App Builder to version 3 and above. Now I notice the Lexical model of the keyboard with the keyboard app builder version 3 above does not work.

I need help either to enable the the SDK API android 11 (API 30) on the Older version of Keyboard App Builder so that google developer account accepts the app or

Help me understand why the lexical model with the keyboard is not showing up when the app is built in the latest version of the Keyboard App Builder.

I would appreciate it. I have worked hard on the lexical model and the keyboard. I need to get it on the Play store.


I figured this out by myself. The issue is related to the Language Script Tags. I had one language two keyboards for two different scripts. While building I chose one script Latin and the other script Arabic and the language was the same. This somehow created problem. I found a way around it by changing the script in the source -both in the lexical model and the keyboard. This fixes the problem.

Congratulations! and thanks for taking the time to report on how you solved the problem.

@drowe Thanks.
The app looks amazing now. Both keyboards display predictive writing. I used the Keyboard App Builder 10. Here is a screenshot.