Layers to the page template

First I would like to say that I am new to Bloom and I value its usefulness as well as its potential. I would like to see greater manipulatability to the page template. I would like to be able to pick a size layout and then be able to incorporate picture(s), text box(es) freely. The ability to have multiple layers would give the ability to place text boxes over pictures, give your story writers and designers greater freedom to create backgrounds for their stories, etc. Preferably the text boxes could be any colour or transparent.

Best regards,
Naaman Brignall

Hi Naaman,
If you right click on an image, you can add a text box on top of it:


You can’t choose the colors, but you can put the text on top of pictures. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, maybe we could narrow this request to adding text color?

Ok, I’m going to mark this as Done because you can put text onto images, and we have another request for colored text.