Lateef Honorifics

Hello! Is it possible to add honorific ligatures to the Lateef font? I imagine this has already been discussed, and I have heard that a key question is whether or not the Scheherazade honorifics would have to be re-designed for Lateef.

Is this redesign currently being worked on? Is it possible to add the Scheherazade honorifics to Lateef for use in the meanwhile? I could make use honorifics in Lateef right now.

Hi Christopher. We aren’t actively working on Lateef at the moment. We’ve had one request:

U+FDFE (سبحانه وتعالى)
U+FDFF (عز وجل)
U+FD40 (رحمه الله)
U+FD41 (رضي الله عنه)
U+FD42 (رضي الله عنها)
U+FD43 (رضي الله عنهم)
U+FD44 (رضي الله عنهما)
U+FD45 (رضي الله عنهن)
U+FD47 (عليه السلام)
U+FD4D (عليها السلام)
U+FD48 (عليهم السلام)
U+FD49 (عليهما السلام)

And additionally U+FDFD (﷽)?

As you may know, these would take a whole lot of work to create (especially since we would need to design 3 weights). Could you tell us which ones would be your highest priority?

It would also help me to understand why you need them in Lateef and can’t just use Scheherazade if the style in Scheherazade would work for you.

The ones we need are U+FD47 and U+FD42.

The main reason we use Lateef instead of Scheherazade is that we work in Central Asia and, in our testing, our users say that “Scheherazade is too Arabic-looking. We need something that looks Persian.” We then show them Lateef and they say “Ah yes! A Persian-looking font!”

I personally have a hard time understanding what subtle differences make a font Arabic-looking vs. Persian-looking, but our audience has a clear, immediate response to these differences. In short, Scheherazade looks foreign and strange to our Persian-related audience.

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