Language shown on Title page in multi-language device books

Hi there, I am making digital/device books in Teop, but also including English and sometimes Tok Pisin. They aren’t diglots or triglots, with multiple languages on one page. Rather you can click on the ‘world’ icon, to change the language that you read the book in.

In my books where Teop is L1 and English and Tok Pisin are other options, when you read the book in English, on the Title page, it still says ‘Teop’ for the language, likewise with Tok Pisin. It would be good if this could change to match when the reader changes the language that they are reading the book in.

Hi Julie,

When I look at your books, e.g. Amaa enimol (very nice!) it seems to be working as we expect; if you switch away from the L1 book, Bloom Player doesn’t show a language name at all. This itself it’s great, but it’s a compromise we had to make for technical reasons.

My guess is that you’re seeing the problem in BloomPUB preview in Bloom 5.3? If so, go ahead and let your Bloom update to 5.4 and you should see the same thing as you’ll see in a current Blom Reader and

Thanks for your reply John. I think you were looking at the cover page which also has the book title on it. I was actually referring to the page that Bloom Editor calls the ‘Title page’. See the picture below from ‘Amaa enimol’ where I have changed the language to English, yet at the bottom, it still says English.

Glad you liked it, but most of the credit goes to EFL for making the device version that I adapted it from. I just added the extra activity pages at the end (and all the Teop bits).

We also would like the province and country to be showing on this page on the Bloom Library version. It does appear on this page in Bloom Reader on the phone and BloomPUB Viewer on the computer, but just not in Bloom Library online.