Language Forge Offline


Hi. Is there any way to enter data in Language Forge offline and synchronize at a convenient time? I have a colleague that would love to whip out his phone, pull up a Language Forge app, and add words he encounters when he’s out and about. Cell phone coverage is still fairly spotty there, and speeds are often really slow when it is present. Is there something like that or something like that in the works?
Brent Brollier
West Africa Branch


Hi Brent. Thanks for writing. Our product roadmap calls for an offline version of Language Forge that would do exactly what you’ve described. Add words offline and then sync up when a connection is present. We understand the need for this feature and hope to deliver it when we have the resources to do it.


Thanks, Chris. Cool that you’re working on this.
BTW-I still have the link for the little program you created to create
syntax for LingTree back in 2009 when we were at GIAL.
God Bless,