Language Forge integration

I have used DAB to build an Android App. The users love it, it gets shared around on Whatsapp. Now, what’s the best way to get my users to provide feedback for missing/incomplete/inaccurate entries? The more precisely the feedback can be linked to the entry, the better.

Would it be possible for a “comment” button within a particular entry that could be sent directly into Language Forge as a comment for that particular entry? What if, in my Language Forge project, I created a user named “DABapp-Bot” that had “comment-only” permissions. At build-time in DAB, it store’s this user’s logon credentials within the app and uses them to send comments into Language Forge

Are there other ways to get user-provided feedback using DAB-built apps? The more precisely the feedback can be linked to the entry, the better.

JP, I think your idea is spot on and something I’ve thought about for years. Unfortunately there is no integration between the apps as you describe. It would be nice if they were engineered to work better together in this use case.

I have put this on the list of possible Summer Internship projects. If you know someone who is looking for a Computer Science summer internship, please let me know.

@chris_hirt Is there already Language Forge API that DAB could use from the app to submit comments?


An existing API would be the ideal scenario. There is actually not one that could be used currently, so I don’t think it is just a matter of scheduling a feature on DAB. There would need to be work scheduled on Language Forge to make this happen and expose an API. We have a web API that is cookie based without a proper token / auth system. That is a core problem currently.

@chris_hirt I could manage a summer intern project for the DAB changes (and possibly some other enhancements) if this API could be scheduled to be completed some time this year (or at least designed before summer). What do you think?


Sure, let’s talk more about this on slack/email.