KM 10 self-selects where not required

I recently upgraded to KM 10 to try and replicate problems a colleague was having (I couldn’t). But it now keeps loading a keyboard without my selecting it. This happens in some, but not all, TOOLBOX installations, Gmail under Firefox and I’m not sure what other programs. Any suggestions?

Can you give us a little more detail – what are your language associations for your Keyman keyboards? Keyman doesn’t control keyboard switching itself automatically; it is linked to the Windows language settings. So you may have some setting in Windows that is controlling when keyboards are switched?

If you like, you could send a diagnostic report to us via Keyman Configuration / Support tab, and then we can see your Keyman configuration.

Thanks, doing that. Would sensitivity to this have changed between KM 7 and 10?

Keyman 7 allowed you to associate keyboards with Windows languages but the model of association was entirely different. Keyman 10 presents all its keyboards as Windows keyboards, so if you have issues with Windows language switching, it will be visible with Keyman keyboards as well.

I had a look at the diagnostic you sent through but there is nothing obvious I can see wrong.

You may be finding that the Windows language switching options are not what you are wanting. By default Windows 10 switches the input method for all applications, not just the active application. (See e.g.

But I am guessing as to the source of the issue as I don’t really have enough detail from what you’ve said to understand what you are expecting vs what is happening: if you can give me a detailed description step-by-step of what is happening, that will help.

Thanks: I think I would do better to go back to KM 8, can you give me a link to download it?

You can download version 8 from

Please note that we can’t really provide support for version 8 and it is likely to have more limitations with Windows 10 into the future.

We are still happy to help with getting over the version 10 language switching hurdles if you wish.

Thanks, but I’m not using Windows 10, but 7, and didn’t need support when I was using KM 8, it more-or-less worked.

Just noticed that my keyboards are *.kmx, the French I just downloaded is *.kmp . But the problem was happening with the *.kmx keyboard before I had the French.