Khojki Script Font and KeyBoard

I have design and develop khojki Script font and keyboard

Hi @fontdesigner

Are you looking for how to distribute your keyboard to users?

Create a Keyman keyboard package

We recommend using the “Package Editor” in Keyman Developer to create a Keyman package. This will bundle your compiled keyboard with the font and help documentation (welcome.htm) you’ve created into a single .kmp keyboard package file. You can then pass the .kmp keyboard package file to other Keyman Desktop users where they can install it from Keyman Configuration.

The guide for creating a keyboard package is

Submitting to the Keyman keyboards repository

After you’ve created the package, we recommend submitting the font, keyboard, and keyboard package to the open source keyboards repository.

Others would then be able to search for and install your keyboard. This page describes other advantages for including the keyboard in the respository.

If you’re new to using GitHub, we recommend the starter guide

But if you’re familiar with GitHub pull requests, you can use this guide

We have other developers who can help with the keyboard submission, but it will likely be after the New Year when they’re available to respond.


But this is under testing