Keyman work with Angular and TinyMCE or CkEditor or ?anything with Angular

Has anyone put up an Angular website/page with keyman installed using some sort of editor like TinyMCE, Ckedit… etc. that works.
If so, would you please advise and/or give sample?

Within the Keyman repository, we do have a testing page that uses KeymanWeb with CKEditor:

Using it as is would likely be a bit much trouble - you probably don’t want to have to set up the development environment to build KeymanWeb in-place yourself. (Be our guest if that interests you, though!)

That said, it should be possible to gerry-rig if you download the full folder above that one. If you do that, the main thing you’d have to change within your copy should be the page’s paths to KeymanWeb and its UI module.

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for your kind reply.
I’ve been able to make Keyman work with both Ckeditor and TinyMCE, but in an Angular development environment, I can’t get it to work.
Do you have any suggestions or examples using Angular?

Alas, I have absolutely zero experience with Angular.

Are there any errors logged to the JS console when attempting to use KMW with Angular? If so, could you copy them here? That might reveal something useful.

I do have extensive experience with Angular.

It’s a little tricky to give arbitrary examples that are generally applicable or to guess what might be going wrong, because there are so many possible causes. Perhaps if you could share a link to the site which is going wrong, we could help diagnose, but otherwise it’s hard to know where to start.

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