Keyman web v2.0 dosen't detect line breaks on Edge

Hi All
We are using an old version on Keymanweb runtime version v2.0.50727 running on the latest Edge Browser version Version 104.0.1293.70.
Since this week users complain that the line breaks in paragraphs are not sticking.
Is this a known issue? We are using FreeTextBox

Best wishes

Hi, @LPaul, welcome to the community!

This is not an issue that we’ve come across. Can you give some more details on the problem?

  • Is this new to the latest version of Edge – that is, if you run with e.g. Edge 103 or an older release, does the problem still come up?

  • Does this problem occur in other browsers (e.g. Firefox)?

  • Which KeymanWeb keyboard are you using?

  • Is it possible to give an example URL where the problem arises so we can investigate?

  • Or a screen capture video of the issue?

  • Finally, I’m not sure which version of KeymanWeb you are using – v2.0.50727 is not a version I am aware of; we released KeymanWeb 2.0 in versions ranging from v2.0.300 - v2.0.473. (For what it’s worth, v2.0.50727 is a well known version of .NET Framework?)

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