Keyman shortcuts do not work with function keys on the right side

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I hope you are well! I have noticed a strange behavior of my Keyman and I hope someone has a solution: Since a few days I have a new computer both at home and in the office. In both cases it is a PC with the latest version of Windows 11 Pro (10.0.22631 Build 22631) and the latest version of Keyman (version 16.0). I prefer to use the Keyman shortcuts to switch between languages and/or keyboards, so I first disabled the Windows shortcuts to avoid conflicts; then I created the Keyman shortcuts I was used to from my old computer. They follow the pattern of Shift + Ctrl + a specific character key for each language (e.g. Shift + Ctrl + e for English, Shift + Ctrl + g for Greek, etc.). And the weird thing is that these shortcuts work with the Shift & Ctrl keys on the left side of my keyboard, but not with the Shift & Ctrl keys on the right side. Has anyone seen this before? And do you have a solution or at least an explanation for this behavior? It cannot be caused by a defect in my physical keyboard, because I have the same problem in my office and at home with different keyboards (wired and wireless) and different computers. And the Windows shortcuts that I haven’t disabled work regardless of which Shift or Ctrl key I use, i.e: Ctrl + s saves a document regardless of whether I use the left or right Ctrl key.

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Welcome to the community @Lutz,

Keyman hotkeys respond to left Ctrl or left Alt only to prevent confliction with keyboard layout hotkeys.

Take a look at this issue: [windows] Feature suggestion: Change default mode of Keyman Desktop hotkeys to respond only to left ctrl/alt #1044

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FYI: @Marc

Dear Nyny,

Thanks for the explanation and the link, although I admit I only understand half of these Github discussions. I’m now wondering why these hotkeys worked on my previous computers.

I understand why Keyman tries to distinguish between right and left modifier keys. On the other hand, there is also a reason why there are the same modifier keys on the right and the left sides of the keyboard: Because sometimes you need your left hand for them, and sometimes you need your right hand. So I suggest leaving it up to the user to decide whether or not to distinguish between right and left modifier keys.

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Hi @Lutz,

Can I know what Keyman version you were using on your old computer? The hotkeys still work probably because it’s an old version.

I understand your concern on right hotkeys. It sometimes cause inconveniences. Please create a feature request here so our developers can look into it.

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