🗺 Keyman Roadmap - March 2020

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I am hope I can assist with some simple tasks.

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We are having a team meeting in October where we will be discussing our roadmap. I will make sure we talk about how we can highlight issues that would be good for anyone outside the core team to tackle :slight_smile:

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We are starting to identify issues where other developers could help with the “help wanted” tag in the source repository.

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We are delivering a fully-internationalized Keyman across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS in version 14.

Is support for external keyboards on iOS in the works or planned? Given the nacent pervasiveness of physical keyboards with iPads these feels essential.

@tgerdin, currently Apple do not make it possible for 3rd party system keyboards such as Keyman to interface with external keyboards on iOS. If and when they do make this possible, we’re ready to implement (as we have done on Android, already, several years ago).

Oh, that is indeed a pity! I would expect this to become possible, but where on Apple’s roadmap this lies is a different question. The nuisance of a closed platform…

@tgerdin Indeed. I’d encourage you to let Apple know that you want this via feedbackassistant.apple.com. The more users who flag this with Apple, the better.

My comment on the predictive text part of the roadmap which includes improved corrections and common optimisations is this:

For many languages and our language it doesn’t make sense to have the option on the left side to select what you have already typed as the word. It wastes space which could have another suggestion. Spacebar should in most languages at least perform that function.

Being able to identify in the tsv file what types of words can take what types of prefixes and in our language’s case clitic pronouns would allow for prediction of at least suffixes, but also better predictions on verbs, nouns, or whatever should follow.

Maybe a long press on a word suggest or on a root suggestion that could bring up derivations of words and let the user choose the word they want could speed up typing of languages where there is quite a bit of affixation. When all your verbs start with a few prefixes, but the middle of the word is what makes the difference, it will be hard for prediction software to be useful until after 3 or 4 letters are already typed.

Maybe even a prefix picker menu could speed things up.

Hunspell has at least been barking up this tree for more than a decade and Fieldworks grammar data can be used to help with word prediction.

Many languages will require specific greetings to be the way you open up a text message. Having those float to the top of suggestions for a new text would be useful. Things like Hola, Assalam Alaykum, Good Evening. These type of message openers could be designated in a TSV file.

Thanks @Luke – those are good thoughts around optimisations. I think most of the more interactive ones will probably have to wait until v15 but we’ll definitely be referring to your suggestions when we do the improvements we have scheduled for v14 as well.