Keyman on Ubuntu issues

I’m seeing a similar-looking issue but I don’t think mine is related to Chrome. I’ve used Ubuntu/Wasta for years with kmfl, and I just compiled my usual .kmn file using Keyman Developer 12, in a Win 10 VirtualBox machine, and installed it in Wasta 18.04 Keyman.

First issue: In Thunderbird (60.9.0) when typing a message with my keyboard ON, sometimes two seemingly random keystrokes will change into one non-standard character. My keyboard uses two “trigger” keys (q ;), but the first character of these sequences is not either of these. I finally “caught” one in the act. In an email recently:
I typed “It hasn’t changed”, which changed to “It hasn’tɔhanged”.
(Keystroke sequence for ɔ is ‘q o’)
Then I got “one or moë videos” (more).

But the same sequence doesn’t switch/convert every time I type it. I haven’t figured out how to make it happen, but it started when I installed the .kmp into Keyman-Linux a few weeks ago.

Second issue, which is different than Ken’s but easier to describe: Now in LibreOffice 6.3 (current updates applied), my custom characters only “work” for about the first 2/3 of the first line of each paragraph. At some point the Keyman keyboard just quits working until I start a new paragraph, when the same thing happens again.

This is consistent. It happens when I apply various paragraph styles or fonts, or set spellchecker/language to [none].

I would be happy to send more info, or a doc containing these oddities, or my .kmn/kmp files, if it will help.

Your second issue on Linux sounds similar to

IMPORTANT: This appears to be a bug with Keyman-Linux rather than
Paratext!!! As I’m typing this message now in Thunderbird the same thing
just happened: Backspace with a text selection deletes backwards from
the selection, leaving it intact. It appears to be a bug with
Keyman-Linux, not with Paratext!

Keyman Team: See my comment in Issue 2713 in the L.Software Community site.

For Paratext–FYI and clarification: I realize now that the panel I was
trying to edit was in Preview, a non-editable view. Three more observations:

  1. A warning about non-editable did not happen when I deleted the text,
    as per my original description; a warning only appeared when I used the
    Delete key. However, ifÏ had not immediately hit Undo the ’ roira’ would
    have reappeared, which is reassuring.

  2. However, the same thing does happen in Standard View (but it stays
    deleted there!), and also in the Give feedback window.

  3. As noted, this seems to be a Keyman-Linux bug.

Kim Blewett
Pacific Area Language Technology Coordinator
SIL International
Language Technology Consultant (LSS)
SIL Papua New Guinea

@kblewett, thanks for the report. We’ll probably need to get a bit more detail before we can understand the full scope of the issue.

Is this related to rotas or is it a separate issue. If it is separate, we should start a new topic here.

Can you provide a link to the issue? The L. Software Community site is a bit vague and I don’t know exactly what you are referring to!

Note: I’ve moved this discussion to a new topic as it is unrelated to the chrome on android issue where the posts were originally made.