Keyman not working on WhatsApp

i have this problem since i installed whatsapp on my computer and using Persian on Keyman.
it types english, so i cannot type persian.

Welcome to the community @sufi_banu!

I’m sorry that you can’t use the keyboard. To help me reproduce the problem, please tell me some information about your system such as:

  • Keyman version
  • Keyboard name and version
  • Operating System
  • WhatsApp version

I have tried testing Persian (Farsi) keyboard on WhatsApp version 2.2349.2.0 (app and web) on Windows 11 and it’s working fine. My Keyman version is 16.0.144.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot.
I just upgraded my keyman to the newest version and everything is ok now.

happy holidays :christmas_tree:

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This conversation has been resolved.