Keyman linux not autostarting

Just installed Keyman 16.0 on fresh install of Ubuntu 22:04. No problems except will not autostart at system boot. Can use Ubuntu GUI app to add it to list of programmes started at boot, but not completely sure where to point it to, i.e. where on my root system is the file that runs Keyman?

Can someone please give me a little pointer? Thanks.


Edit: after pc wakes up from standby / deep sleep, Keyman also not immediately running in background. Just now it “woke up” about 2 minutes after I woke the pc from sleep.

Edit: Seems to be working now … will post here again if still having trouble

Thank you Mr. Ian for reporting back,

We’re glad that Keyman for Linux is auto starting for you now. If the problem reoccurs, please let us know and we will refer you to Keyman developers.

Would you be able to guide us through the process of getting it to work, @hodgsonian?